Riki Dalal

Riki Dalal Dresses

For your wedding or other formal occasion, if you’re seeking the elegance and class of Hollywood, look no further than Riki Dalal – the official dresser of ABC’s popular television game show “Dancing With the Stars.”

With a strong passion for couture bridal fashion, the brand embodies Riki Dalal’s vision of harnessing the core elements of refined elegance and femininity. These dresses are designed with the purpose of inspiring women to radiate confidence and embrace their true selves.

The collections draw inspiration from timeless femininity, aiming to accentuate women’s figures through distinctive designs and premium materials. The lines and silhouettes reveal vibrant creations characterized by exceptional quality in their individual components, catering to the diverse preferences of contemporary brides who seek classic beauty with a modern and visually captivating touch.

Stop by L&H Bridal or L&H Couture to view any of our Riki Dalal dresses from the 2022 collection. If you’re seeking assistance from our team of fabulous personal stylists, request your appointment today!