Demetrios Dresses

Founder Demetrios James Elias’ passion for wedding dresses started by working at his family’s bridal store in Warren, Ohio while he was still young and in school. He then launched his own bridal company in 1980 and immediately changed his local family business into a successful international brand.

Demetrios offers a wide range of wedding dresses with versatile styles, including princess, classic, romantic, boho, and glam. Demetrios dresses can fit any fashion trend you’re looking to achieve, whether it be minimal gowns, 2-in-1 designs, or even sexy slits. These wedding dresses are available in everything from ballgowns to flared silhouettes and can come with the specific neckline or sleeve style you’ve imagined for your dream dress.

Both L&H Bridal and L&H Couture offer Demetrios wedding dresses from the 2018, 2019, and 2021-2023 collections, giving customers the ability to select the dress that best suits their style and preferences. Whether you’re searching for a specific fabric, neckline/sleeve, silhouette, or style, the Demetrios dresses at L&H Bridal have it all.

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